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Adult Training at EXOS at Raleigh Orthopaedic

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The Game of Life Has No Off-season.

EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance) leverages the proven methodology and award-winning facilities used to support the world's elite athlete to revolutionize your life and transform how you perform, look, and feel each day. The EXOS system utilizes the integrated approach of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery that has helped power many of the best athletes in the world. Whether you want to increase your energy levels, run your first 5K, lose ten pounds, or just feel stronger, we can help you reach your goals.

EXOS’ offensive and defensive game plans increase strength, endurance, and flexibility, leading to increased productivity while decreasing injury potential, pain, and weaknesses.

Our team of integrated performance training, physical therapy, and nutrition specialists are available to support all aspects of your health and fitness goals.

Check out the programs we currently have available for adults at our world-class facility at Raleigh Orthopaedic in Raleigh, NC.

EXOS Rally: Group training sessions provide personalized attention and support along with the motivation of fellow participants. The circuit-based training is developed to help engage and empower the athlete in you while educating and helping you reach your goals, and includes nutrition education to help fuel your daily performance. This 12-week program will provide you with performance training and support to help you jumpstart a new, healthy lifestyle to help you reach your goals.

Available training sessions:

Monday - Thursday

6:00 - 7:00 AM | 7:15 - 8:15 AM |  9:00 - 10:00 AM

For more information on training opportunities for youth and high school athletes, check out the current training schedule.